How do I build my brand?

It takes time to build a strong brand, which needs to be reinforced continually through supplying a consistent product or service.

This flows through to customer service, communication of business happenings, and how you market yourself and your business.

When we talk to people about their brand, a lot of what we discuss are the visual aspects such as the logo and how this should be used consistently. As important as this is, consider big brands like Coca Cola and Nike and how instantly recognisable their logos are. These brands haven’t built their reputation solely on their visual appearance but by doing many little things extremely well.

Brand building comes in many forms. Here are some ideas on how to build your brand through education:

• Use Facebook every day to educate your customers and document your journey. Make it fun! Use impromptu video and photos to tell stories about daily happenings. 

• Develop your website so it’s a hub of information for your industry. 

• What questions do your customers ask about your business/industry? Answer them.

• Use a mix of video, articles and infographics to educate people about your industry.

• Share your content and knowledge through your website, social media and newsletters.

• Be authentic with your content by helping, not selling.

Build your brand by educating and adding value up front without expectation of return

This shows you are committed to the cause, whether people buy your product/service or not.

Keep it simple. Have some fun with your marketing, and remember it’s a process - just make sure everything you do contributes to the ongoing success of your brand. Like all things in business, taking small steps, being persistent and showing patience will yield results when it comes to building your brand.

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